User-friendly software for analyzing large images

JMicroVision has been designed to describe, measure, quantify and classify components of all kinds of images. It has an intuitive user interface with powerful features and supports very large images. JMicroVision contains tools with different degrees of automation to manage complex and varied images.

Like a microscope, it allows a dynamic observation of a specimen with the possibility of combining various focus or modes of lighting (polarized light, fluorescence...). Moreover, the magnifying lens and the multiview tool allow a simultaneous view of several images, each one having its own zoom coefficient while maintaining a common position in the center.

This software has been specially developed for the analysis of high definition images of thin rock sections, but it can easily be used in other fields.

Main Features

  • Read images in TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and PNM formats
  • Efficient visualization system
  • Quantify components: objects or background
  • Object analysis (size, shape, orientation, texture...)
  • Object classification
  • Image processing (binary and morphology operations, filtering, segmentation...)
  • Image rectification (geometric corrections by control points)
  • Digital point counting
  • Tools for data collection in one or two dimensions
  • Image annotation and description card
  • Profile (variation of granulometry, density, objects or background)
  • Save all measures, data, calibration and preferences in a single project file
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